The data and listings below are for informational purposes only.  This page is ever evolving to represent the most current information provided to the Town.  If you are interested in any of the below properties, please call the property contact for additional information about the property.  Property owners with vacant storefronts are also encouraged to contact the Town to have their property listed.

9396 S. Congress St.

  • Square footage – Approximately 500 sq. ft.
  • Best suited for an insurance, financial or legal office, but can be used for other purposes.  Has cable modem and security system access.
  • Zoned – B-1, General Business List of Potential Uses
  • Additional Pictures Interior Pictures
  • Other – Located within the Town’s Historic District
  • Contact – David Homza (540) 335-0125

9428 S. Congress St.

Storefronts April 2016 006

  • Square footage – Approximately 1,125 with an office on the 1st floor
  • Large display windows located in historic downtown area.  Retail shop or professional office preferred.
  • Zoned – B-1, General Business List of Potential Uses
  • Other – Located within the Historic District.
  • Property Contact – Janet Long (540) 740-3777