Growing in Place Resources

We are experiencing a very different type of life, where social distancing is apart of our everyday life, and staying at home is beyond encouraged. This can be straining on us mentally and physically.  The following people are providing services for FREE during this time:


If you’re anything like me, the rapid changes in our world today have left you feeling uncertain, fearful, or anxious about the future. I am a certified health and life coach and I can help you get grounded and gain clarity so that you can navigate through this challenging time with courage and resilience, and I want to give this to you FREE…no strings attached. Now is the time to stay connected, work together, and support one another so let’s connect! Email me: or schedule your free session here



Are the changes in your daily life and our world, too many and happening too quickly? Let’s talk about how you can best adapt. As a certified coach, I am trained to help people see possibilities, think creatively, find hope, lower anxiety, and move through impossible seeming situations and changes. We are all in this together. No sales pitch, just focus on whatever it is that you most need now.

Sproutly is making a FREE phone or video session available to you. It can be 15 minutes, 30, or 50. To set up a session email: