Healthly Eating Active Living (HEAL)

Town of New Market Designated Healthy Eating Active Living Town

The Institute for Public Health Innovation, the official public health institute serving the DC-Maryland-Virginia region, recently announced that the Town of New Market is a Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL) community.  A HEAL town is a municipality that sets forth a framework or vision to create a community where all people can make healthy choices to eat nutritious food and be physically active.  the HEAL Towns Campaign celebrates all municipal policies that make Maryland and Virginia cities and towns places where residents, employees and visitors can be physically active and have access to nutritious foods.  To that end the Town of New Market has adopted a resolution recognizing the need for health education, as well the implementation and promotion of fitness options throughout Town for the benefit of residents, visitors and the local workforce via the following methods:


Town of New Market staff, Mayor, Council and the Wellness Committee should make every effort to:

  • Plan an environment that encourages walking and other forms of physical activity;
  • Address walking connectivity between residential neighborhoods and the park, recreational resources, and retail;
  • Ensures the comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance increase opportunities for physical activity wherever and whenever possible; including complete streets policies and mixed-use development;
  • Include health goals and policies related to physical activity in the comprehensive plan;
  • Expand community access to outdoor public facilities through joint use agreements with schools and/or other organizations;
  • Promote health and fitness via Town based media outlets to include the website and newsletter.


In order to promote wellness within the Town of New Market and to set an example for others, the Town pledges to adopt and implement a workplace wellness policy that will:

  • Promote good eating habits through educational campaigns, seminars, meetings, and emails for Town employees;
  • Encourage town employees to take advantage of preventive health care benefits by seeing a physician, dentist, and eye doctor regularly;
  • Promote water consumption in the workplace, at meetings, and in the field;
  • Encourage walking by Town staff whenever possible;
  • Promote health education on various wellness topics through regular email notices or bulletin board postings.
  • Convene a workplace Wellness Committee quarterly;
  • Keep progress records for motivational purposes;
  • Continue to provide monthly safety training sessions for appropriate departments and personnel relative to training topics.


In order to promote wellness throughout the Town of New Market community, the Town pledges to:

  • Support and encourage community participation in the New Market Farmer’s Market;
  • Promote local restaurants menus’ healthy eating options;
  • Promote wellness in media outlets such as the Town’s website and newsletter;
  • Continue to post information in the Town Office regarding physical fitness activities for children, teens, and adults such as sports teams sign-ups, classes and lessons held in locations within the Town and County;
  • Create and promote walking routes throughout Town and promote these routes on the Town’s website and/or printed literature.