Opening on Planning Commission and Historic Overlay District Review Board

The Town of New Market is searching for a local resident to serve on the Planning Commission and/or the Historic Overlay District Review Board.  The Planning Commission meets on a quarterly basis as well as an “as needed” basis.  The Planning Commission is appointed by Town Council and serves 4 year terms.  They work closely with the Town Council to decide where and how growth and development will occur within the community.  The Commission works on the comprehensive plan, site plans for commercial development, subdivision plats for residential developments and reviews land use request applications in which they make recommendations relating to approval or denial to the Town Council.

The Historic Overlay District Review Board (HODRB) is made up of seven members.  The Board is appointed by Town Council to 3 year terms.  The Board is in charge of reviewing all plans that will change the exterior appearance of buildings located within the Historic Overlay District.  Specifically, the Board is to encourage all construction projects to be compatible with the Town’s historic character and to promote the historic areas for the education, pleasure and welfare of the citizens of the town as well as tourists.  While similar, the Board is not charged with architectural review regulations that are enforceable as in other communities.   The Historic Overlay District Review Board meets only on an “as needed” basis.

To apply to be on either the Planning Commission or the HODRB, you may pick up an application at the Town Office or click on the link below to download the application:

Click here for volunteer application