Suspended Use of Park Equipment

Our number one priority is the health and safety of our community. With the spring season and warmer weather around the corner, the New Market Community Park has always been a great place for outdoor activities and family gatherings.

However, as more information comes to light about the coronavirus, we have learned the virus can live on stainless steel or plastic surfaces for up to two to three days. With this being the case, the Town Staff cannot ensure continuous sanitation of the park equipment 24/7.  We are aware of companies that are offering free services for cleaning, which is appreciated, but is only a momentary solution. Once the equipment is used it is no longer sanitized. This is why we are requesting that all citizens suspend the use of ALL park equipment until further notice.

The Town encourages outdoor physical activity, and the use of the park area, but encourages the following:

1. Engage in activities that adhere to the social distancing requirement of 6 foot.

2. As of now the basketball/tennis courts are open, but we highly encourage all to adhere to the Governor’s Executive Order of no more than 10 per group and social distance. NO PICKUP GAMES OF BASKETBALL!

3. Refrain from social gathering of groups 10 or more, if you had plans to use the pavilions for a gathering, please reschedule your event.

4. Take a bottle of water with you and refrain from using the water fountains.

5. Refrain from coming to the park if you are feeling ill.

We applaud everyone’s efforts to help keep the coronavirus from spreading by practicing hand washing, social distancing and no mass gatherings. We also applaud the community for coming together to help each other.

Stay safe, stay informed, and stay healthy!