Opening A Water/Sewer Account:

The Town of New Market provides water and sewer service to locations within Town limits as well as some locations just outside of Town limits.  Customers  intending to establish service must come to the Town Office as there are forms which require signatures.  In addition, the Town of New Market requires a refundable deposit from customers who are renting at the location for which they are establishing service.  The Town of New Market also requires a $15.00 connection fee in order to set up service.

Deposit Rates:

In-Town Deposit (Water & Sewer Service):  $175.00

Out-of-Town Deposit (Water service only): $100.00

Out-of-Town Deposit (Water & Sewer Service): $175.00

Deposits are refundable. When the account is closed the deposit is applied to the final balance on the account.  The customer will either receive a refund check or be billed for the difference.

Connection/Change Over Fee:

Account/Change Over Fee (new customer on existing service): $15.00

Reconnect Fee for Service Shut-off for Failure to Pay:  $35.00