Water Supply, Distribution and Reporting

Beginning in the early years of New Market, the residents obtained their water from several wells located throughout the town.  In 1926 the Town was able to construct a public water system to replace the wells.  The water filtration plant was located at the foot of the Massanutten Mountain, near Smith Creek.  At that time, the water utilized by this facility was drawn from the creek itself and also from a reservoir located on the mountain.

In 1998 the Memcor Water Plant was brought online to replace the aging Smith Creek Plant.  This plant draws its water from six wells located west of the interstate and has a design capacity of 1 million gallons per day.  Water is now distributed by a storage tank (500,000 gallon capacity) and more than 17 miles of water mains.

The Annual Water Quality Report for calendar year 2018 is designed to provide you with valuable information about your drinking water quality. The Town is committed to providing you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water, and we want you to understand the efforts we make to protect your water supply. The quality of your drinking water meets all state and federal requirements administered by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH). If you have questions about this report, want additional information about any aspect of your drinking water, or want to know how to participate in decisions that may affect the quality of your drinking water, please contact: Johnny Griggs, Chief Water Plant Operator at (540) 740-9576, or contact J. Todd Walters, Town Manager at (540) 740-3432.

Wastewater Collection and Treatment

In 2008 the Town Council voted to sign a contract with the Town of Broadway and connect to their regional wastewater treatment plant.  New Market’s former plant has since been converted to a large pumping station and a 4.3 mile force main was constructed along Route 211 to carry the Town’s wastewater to the regional facility.  New Market was successful in applying for and securing Federal Stimulus Funding for the force main project in the amount of $3,656,513.  During this time, the Town was also able to expand its wastewater treatment capacity from 500,000 gallons per day to 1,000,000 gallons per day to better accommodate future growth.

Grease Trap Inspections

Grease trap inspections are conducted by Town staff in restaurants and other places that prepare food on-site for the sale to others.  The purpose of the inspections are to ensure that those who work with or generate a high volume of fat, oil or grease (FOG) during the cooking process dispose of them properly.  If these items make their way into the the wastewater collection system, they can cause blockages in not only an individuals sewer laterals, but also costly backups in the much larger sewer mains.

Maintenance, Mowing and Landscaping

Town staff is also responsible for mowing and maintenance at the Town Office, New Market Community Park, Rebel Park, water plant, water storage tank and each of the wells and sewer pump stations.  The Town maintains the gateways signs (“Historic New Market Virginia”) and also mows the I-81 interchange as well as the median on Lee Highway in an effort to keep our entrance corridors attractive.

Leaf, Grass and Heavy Trash Collection

The Maintenance Department collects leaf and grass debris on a seasonal basis and they also collect heavy trash twice a year.  Click on the following links to learn more about leaf and grass collection and heavy trash collection.

Snow Removal

The Town of New Market plows snow on the state secondary streets within the town limits.  During snow events we would ask that you please park off-street is possible.