New Market Growth and Future Annexation Area Concept Plan

In 2007 the Town established a steering committee and consulted with The Jennings Gap Partnership, Herd Planning & Design, and Sympoetica to put together a future growth area plan.  The result was the New Market Growth and Future Annexation Area Concept Plan.  This plan covers such areas the planning process, future land demand analysis, existing plans, natural and cultural resources, transportation and the proposed growth and annexation areas.  The Town and Shenandoah County both adopted the Future Growth Area & Community Form map as part of each jurisdictions respective comprehensive plans.

The plan identifies specific areas outside of the town limits that would be targeted for future annexation and development.  The plan also goes into detail concerning future land uses, districts, and proposed densities of development.  Future land uses and districts that are planned include: low density cluster areas, medium density traditional neighborhood development (TND), high density TND, medium density TND/commercial mix, community retail, and employment mix.

Growth is planned to occur at an annual rate of 2%, which is somewhat faster than the 1.8% that was experienced between 1990 and 2005.  The land identified in the plan will allow New Market to approximately double in population over a period of 30-40 years.

New Market Growth and Annexation Area Concept Plan

Growth Area Map

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Voluntary Settlement Agreement

The New Market Growth and Annexation Area Concept Plan helped lead the way for a Voluntary Settlement Agreement between the Town of New Market and Shenandoah County.  This agreement established how the proposed future growth area would be developed through annexation by the Town.  A series of parameters were put into place to ensure development occurs over a period of time and in accordance with the future growth area plan.

Voluntary Settlement Agreement