Comprehensive Plan

The comprehensive plan is the guiding vision of what the community wants the town to become.  In order to achieve this vision, a series of goals and objectives are established.  New Market revised and adopted Planning New Market 2030 in July of 2012.  Staff worked with a Comprehensive Plan Committee and had several public input sessions throughout the update process.  The plan includes chapters pertaining to history and regional setting, the natural environment, land use, economic development, population and housing, transportation, community services and facilities, and even a chapter on the appearance of the town.  New Market also chose to include several areas identified as Urban Development Areas.  These are areas that better are suited for higher density development due to their proximity to transportation facilities, the availability of water and sewer infrastructure or other areas that have been developed.

Planning New Market 2030 is provided for your convenience

*The Code of Virginia requires local governments to update their comprehensive plan every five years. The New Market comprehensive plan establishes a framework for future development and decision-making that intends to make the Town of New Market a more desirable place to live, work, and visit.  Public involvement is essential to developing an effective comprehensive plan. Three events held earlier this year in conjunction with the July 4th celebration, Crossroads Fest, and National Night Out solicited citizen input regarding their likes, dislikes, concerns, and dreams for the New Market of today and tomorrow.  The proposed update to Chapters One through Four of the comprehensive plan can be viewed online (see below) or in-person at the Town Office during regular business hours. Town Planner Alex Berryman will be at Jackson’s Corner Café (9386 S Congress Street) from 9:00 am to 11:00 am on November 29, 2017 to answer questions and receive input. A public hearing is scheduled for December 4, 2017 at 7:00 pm regarding the adoption of the update to Chapters One through Four (see below).  Please contact Alex Berryman in-person at the Town Office, by phone: 540-740-3432, or by email: for any additional information.   

View: Public Hearing Notice 12-4-17

View:  Comprehensive Plan Title Page and Table of Contents

View:  Comprehensive Plan Chapters 1-4 Update