Please remember to do your part to keep the sidewalks open and clear for those wishing to use them this winter season.  In 2004 the Town Council passed the below ordinance in which property owners are responsible for the removal of snow and ice from sidewalks along their property.  The Town thanks you for promptly clearing your sidewalk for the benefit of not only you, but for your neighbors and the entire community as well.

Sec. 46-9     Removal of Snow and Ice

All persons owning or occupying any property within the town shall remove the snow and ice from the entire sidewalk in front of such property within five daylight hours after the snow has ceased to fall.  In the event that ice cannot be removed without damage to the sidewalk, it shall be covered within the time period set forth above with sand, ashes or some other substance which renders such sidewalk safe for travel.  If any such owner or occupant fails to do so, the town manager may have the snow and/or ice cleaned off and/or covered and the cost of such cleaning and/or covering charged, jointly and severally, to the owner or owners, and/or the occupant or occupants of such property.  Such costs may be collected in any manner provided by law for the collection of state or local taxes.

Every charge levied pursuant to this section against the owner or owners of such property in excess of $200.00 which remains unpaid shall constitute a lien against such property.  Such lien shall have the same priority as other unpaid local taxes and shall be enforceable in the same manner as provided by law for the enforcement of the payment of such taxes.  Such lien may be waived by the town manager only as to a purchaser who is unrelated by blood or marriage to the owner or owners and who has no business association with the owner or owners.  In the event of such optional waiver, all such liens shall remain the personal obligation of such owner or owners, jointly and severally, of the property at the time the liens were imposed.