Trash Collection

Trash collection is every Friday morning, please make sure to have all of your trash to the curb no later than 7:00 am.  No trash should be placed out for collection any earlier than Tuesday.  Prior to collection day, trash should be stored in containers of metal, plastic or rubber construction and fitted with covers to keep animals out.  No household shall set out more than the equivalent of four 35 gallon trash cans for collection and the weight of any one trash can should not exceed 65 pounds.  Trash collection is for household trash only, other items such as construction debris, appliances, tires, furniture and other large items will be your responsibility for removing from your property.  Some of these larger items may qualify for heavy trash pick up, a service the Town offers twice a year.

The fee for trash collection is $11.00 per month and is tied to your water bill.  Residential developments that have contracted for a dumpster or businesses that provide a dumpster are not assessed a monthly trash fee.  Trash service is limited to those who live within the town limits.  If you need to remove trash prior to collection day, there is a trash collection station located at Rude’s Hill a few miles north of New Market on Route 11.


A recycling collection container is located across from the New Market Community Center at Rebel Park.  Plastics, aluminum cans, tin cans, mixed glass, paper and cardboard are accepted.