Adjustments for Filling of Swimming Pools

Swimming pool adjustments will be limited to one adjustment per calendar year per customer.  To qualify for this annual adjustment, the customer must submit an Application for Swimming Pool Credit prior to the filling of a swimming pool.  In addition, the meter must be read by Town Staff before and after the filling of the pool.


  1. The customer must contact the Town of New Market (540) 740-3432 before filling the swimming pool to request the meter reading.
  2. Town staff will read the meter at the beginning and ending of the pool filling between the hours of 7:30 am and 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  If a customer plans to fill a pool on the weekend, prior arrangements must be made by contacting the Town Office during normal business hours to schedule a meter reading before and after the pool filling.
  3. The customer must complete and submit an Application for Swimming Pool Credit prior to filling the pool.  Applications are available at the Town Office.
  4. Pool fill-up will be limited to a 48-hour period.
  5. Town staff will calculate the adjustment based on the before and after meter readings and taking into account the dimensions of the swimming pool.
  6. To qualify for an adjustment the customer’s account must be kept current.  No adjustment will be made to an account that is 30 or more days past due.
  7. The adjustment will be for sewer charges only.
  8. The adjustment is credited to the customer’s account on the proceeding billing cycle and will not be considered a refund.
  9. Customers that are billed for water only or have a water-only meter do no qualify for a pool credit.
  10. Pools need to hold at least 1,000 gallons before the Town will do an adjustment.  Please be advised that splasher pools, also known as “kiddie” pools, hot tubs and spas do not qualify for a pool adjustment.
  11. Should it become necessary for a customer to drain and refill a pool for maintenance purposes more than once a year, a written request must be submitted outlining the circumstances.  A consideration for the additional adjustment will then be made.