1. All individuals conducting a yard sale are required to obtain a yard sale permit from the Town Office prior to the sale.
  2. In residential districts, a household is only allowed two yard sales annually.  There is no fee associated with permits for these two sales and sales cannot exceed a 72-hour consecutive period.
  3. In commercial districts, a household is allowed two yards annually with no fee associated with the permits for these two sales.  If the householder wishes to hold additional sales an annual permit must be obtained at a fee as set from time to time by the Town Council.  Each yard sale in a commercial district cannot exceed a 72-hour consecutive period every three months.
  4. Signs shall NOT be placed on telephone poles, power poles, street signs, public trees, sidewalks or any other publicly owned and/or maintained places or structures.  All signs shall be limited to private property and shall be removed within 24-hours after the conclusion of the sale.
  5. During the weekend of the Route 11 Yard Crawl, the Town will not count participation in that event towards total allowable yard sales on an annual basis.
  6. Civic organizations are exempt from the above regulations, except for #4.

Yard Sale Application


You may contact the Town Office, Monday – Friday, during regular business hours with questions regarding this service.