Open For Business

The data and listings below are for informational purposes only.  This page is ever evolving to represent the most current information provided to the Town.  If you are interested in any of the below properties, please call the property contact for additional information a...

Business Directory

Accommodations Attractions Auto Services/Gas/Convenience Dining Financial/Legal/Real Estate Health Services Services Shops/Retail   *To respect the privacy of residents private homes, home occupations are not listed unless specifically requested by the owner.

Chamber of Commerce

New Market Area Chamber of Commerce 9386 S. Congress Street Hours:  10:00 am - 2:00 pm Phone:  (540) 740-3212 Email: Facebook Website

Water/Sewer Service


The Town of New Market provides water and sewer service to locations within Town limits as well as some locations just outside of Town limits.  Customers  intending to establish service must come to the Town Office as there are...

Zoning/Sign Permits

Zoning Permit

This is the most common permit issued by the Planning and Zoning Department.  This permit is required for any building and/or structure that is to be constructed, assembled, moved, enlarged structurally altered, placed or demol...

Taxes & Fees

Overview/General Information

Residents of New Market are required to pay taxes to the Town and to Shenandoah County because of the difference in services each locality provides.  A large percentage of your County tax dollars goes towards th...

Trash, Dumpsters & Recycling

Trash & Dumpsters IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Starting Friday, September 13th, New Market will have a new trash collection provider. American Disposal Services have subcontracted the remainder of their contract, which expires June 30, 2020, to Ace Refuse from Fredericksburg...

Business Licenses

When Required

Every person engaging in the town in any business, trade, profession, or occupation, unless exempted by law, shall apply for a license for business if (a.) such person maintains a definite place of business in the town, (b.) mai...